Thursday, January 30, 2014

My asked and @ShirleysDiner1 answered

Blog.My caught up with Shirley's Diner recently and asked us about our new venture.  Here is a short excerpt from the article....

From secret supper clubs to the first all clean comedy club in the United States, we recently polled 52 brand new small business owners about the kinds of businesses they were starting in 2014, what makes their start-up so special, and where they plan on taking their company in its first year and beyond!
“My name is Corecia and my sister and I are starting a unique business of a secret supper club. The premise is to announce the dinners, open them to 10 couples and its first come, first served by invite only. We already have a growing mailing list and will launch on February 2nd. Shirley’s Diner is named after my grandmother who passed away from cancer 5 years ago on February 2nd. We will be featuring many of her recipes.”
Corecia Davis-Woo, Shirley’s Diner@ShirleysDiner1