Friday, January 17, 2014

International Supper Clubs

Today's feature is a supper club in London run by Alice Hodge and Ellen Parr who have paired their amazing talents as a designer and chef, respectively, to create lavish parties on the other side of the pond. Named, The Art of Dining, Hodge and Parr have combined food and art to create a special dining experience around a theme.   

Set designer Alice Hodge designs for weddings, parties, theatre productions and photo shoots. She is an art follower, creator, teacher and collector of tat.
Chef Ellen Parr spent her formative years working at Moro and you can taste the Middle Eastern and Spanish influences in her food. She recently traveled around South East Asia and India researching cooking methods, techniques and flavors. She also has an obsession with chili sauce. Invitees can expect the unexpected with her unusual menus…..