Thursday, November 14, 2013

What's a Secret Supper Club Anyway?

Shirley's Diner is a Secret Supper Club held monthly at a secret location. Our aim is to put home cooking back on the menu, served up in unique locations throughout the city. Each event centers around a theme that tells a story through the menu and atmosphere. Each course is a collaborative effort delivered by a team of ordinary foodies who get their inspiration from their diverse cultural backgrounds and adventures. In an environment rich with natural and organic ingredients, we strive to buy locally and use farm-to-table ingredients whenever possible.

Who is Shirley? Shirley was my grandmother, a fabulous chef and a consummate entertainer.
Who are you? You are someone who has been invited to participate.  This is limited to invitation only guests who have been selected based upon their ability to socially engage in a room full of potential strangers whose only bond may be their desire for a fabulous meal and paired beverage.  You are a diner.  You are Shirley's Diner. 

How It Works
Randomly and without warning, an email will be distributed to our guests; This email will include a general vicinity for the dinner and a detailed menu.  You must have been invited and you must follow the blog in order to receive the email.  From there, the first 10 couples or 20 people to RSVP and reserve their seats will be selected.  A wait list of 3 couples or 6 people will also be generated.  On the day of the event, you will be told the clandestine location of the Secret Supper Club and you will be sworn to secrecy. 

What if I love it and I want my friends to come? Well.....we start by requesting your friends email and commencing a grueling screening process. Not really.  We do request their email and we will send them some general questions at which point a team of social experts will evaluate their party credentials.  Ok, bottom line... if they start receiving emails, they are considered a Diner. 

Can we book a party of our own? Of course.  If you want to book a private party with a fully prepared meal and beverage with the people you want to hang with, just send us an email and get on our party list.

.... Shhhhh. It's a secret.